Saturday, November 23, 2013


Đöüŝħīŧėmð Fūřěŧăĸūňāī M+CD

On the first day of Shima's new job, he met a man with a hangover in the elevator. That was his first meeting with his new boss, Togawa. Though Togawa seemed rude and crass, but Shima was drawn to the kindness beneath his rough facade. Both men harbored a painful past, but unlike Togawa, who was open with his feelings, Shima seemed unable to move on. What will these awkward feelings bring about?

Original work by: Yoneda Kou
 Ishikawa Hideo x Nojima Kenji

P.S. A request from Kyo-chan!!! Ne are you happy???? Thanks for contacting me!!!!  :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Âĸīŷāɱā-Ķūň M+CD

When Shiba Daisuke confesses to his delinquent upperclassman Akiyama-kun in front of all of Akiyama's friends, getting beat up  and ridiculed would maybe be understandable. But the events that follow are far from what any of them would expect.

Author: Nobara Aiko
Release Date: 12/09/30
Kishio Daisuke x Majima Junji
Yoshino Hiroyuki

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Ĉħīĸāĸûŧė Ŧōōī M+CD

This manga talks about four classmates: Yuu, Kouichirou, Natsume and Shino. Kouichirou took really good care of Yuu since young. Yuu was afraid that Kouichirou would leave him behind if his grades dropped so he worked really hard and got a fever. When Yuu kicked up a fuss in the infirmary, Kouichirou kissed him. What did that kiss mean? Natsume and Shino have been sex buddies for quite some time. Although they have feelings for each other, they never confessed their emotions. Shino finally confessed, will Natsume accept him?

Mangaka: Narazaki Neneko 
Released: 2009/11/26
Company: ムービック Movic
Kawada Shinji x Miyata Kouki 
Toriumi Kousuke x Kondou Takashi

Monday, November 4, 2013


Ŝƈāřĺėŧ M+CD

College student Akio is dating with his beautiful classmate, Ryou. Unable to stand the loneliness, Ryou accepts any girl who approaches him. One day, Ryou introduces Akio to a girl he is thinking to marry, so Akio decides to completely break up with Ryou. Instead, a heart wrenching love story begin!

Mangaka: Madarame Hiro
Company: Atis Collection
Ryou: Sugita Tomokazu   Akio: Nakamura Yuuichi
Yamamoto: Toriumi Kousuke
[One Night Stand]
Toki: Hatano Wataru    Harumi: Suzuki Chihiro