Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Püċħīŧŧō Ħāĵīƙėŧā M+CD

Ashitaka’s an out and proud gay man, trawling for booty calls at his favorite gay bar—but only bottoms need apply, because Ashitaka only tops! His first attempt at gay sex three years ago ended painfully and embarrassingly, and he vowed to never yield his ass to another man again—but fate has decided to throw the very man responsible for his ‘bottom trauma’ back into his life, and the guy’s looking for a fresh start.

Magaka: Kanda Neko
(Ashitaka) - Toriumi Kousuke (Noshiro) - Maeno Tomoaki

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Ċŕīmśōň Ŝρȇll M+CD

In order to protect his people from attacking demons, Prince Val uses a demonic sword and curses himself in the process. He leaves his kingdom to find a cure, and his search leads him to Hallwil, the person rumored to be the only one who knows how to break the curse. Hallwil agrees to help Val... for a price.

Mangaka: Yamane Ayano
Company: MOVIC
Harurein: Nojima Hirofumi          Mars: Terasoma Masaki
  Valdrig Alsvieth: Kondou Takashi              Halvir Hropter: Miki Shinichirou
                                                                     Ruruka: Miyata Kouki