Saturday, August 30, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ M+CD

Rio was living a normal high school life, when a transfer student, Tomo-chan, entered into his school. Everything began when Tomo picks up Rio's dropped planner with a picture of his beloved idol, a male teacher. Suspecting that Rio is gay, Tomo-chan is going to "cure him"! Let's the "Homo Fixing Training Regimen" start!.
Mangaka: Ougi Yuzuha 
Company: フロンティアワークス - Frontier Works
Release: 09/21/2007 (1) 25/3/2009 (2)
橋本理緒: 岸尾だいすけ Kishio Daisuke
三浦朋美: 高橋広樹 Takahashi Hiroki
五十嵐ジョー: 千葉一伸 Chiba Isshin
鈴木まみ: 浅野まゆみ Asano Mayumi