Thursday, December 24, 2015


Ŝŭŧėňėĸō ňō ĸāřūŧė M+CD

 Kaoru is frustrated. He's just been dumped, again. And it's all because he could never express his feelings properly. What's wrong with him? What should he do? Feeling all alone and restless, he strolls into a gay park and meets... a cat. Youhei is a straight guy, and younger than Kaoru. But something in Kaoru moves his heart, reminding him of a cat, the feline species he's so in love with!
Can he capture Kaoru's heart, the abandoned cat?
Author: HALCO
Release Date: 25.09.2010
Kondou Takashi x Takeuchi Ken

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Ãĸūňīň ŵō Ňāĸāŝėŕū Ħōūħōũ M+CD

Kayano is a rich guy, who fell in love with a guy -Takao- he found injured. He pitied the guy and decided to ask him to give him tuition. That's when he realize that Takao has a terrible personality. Even so, he still had Takao as his teacher. Later, a misunderstanding happened and Kayano's mother thinks Takao is only after the money and made Takao leaves. Years later, Takao returns to the household again but as a lawyer who was hired by Kayano's parents over some stupid broken tea ware. Kayano tried to hit on Takao but was rejected because Takao has a wife now.

Author: Amagakure Gido
Released: March 26, 2012
Hatano Wataru x Yusa Kouji

Friday, November 13, 2015


Kîĉħīĸū, Ēńćōūňŧ M+CD

There is a 25-year old, hard-working salaryman named Satou Hajime. After pulling an all-nighter and taking the early train home, he overhears someone watching a porn video on the train, giving him a stiffy. Thinking that it was some perverted virgin listening to it, he’s surprised to find a hottie. To apologize for the trouble he’s caused, the hottie "takes care" of him. Will Mr. Virgin lose his virginity!?

Mangaka: OWARU
Released Date: 2015年04月24日
Satou Takuya × Abe Atsushi

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Ĉāšŧēĺ Ϻάńġō M+CD

Yorozu Shirosaki is a normal highschooler, following the normal routine of studying to stay at school on scholarship, and sometimes help out running the love hotel left to his family by his deceased father. Yozoru was content with his life and aspiring to one day run his own love hotel, but then he meets Togame, an AV director, who throws his everyday life for a spin...

Author : Konohara Narise
Release Date : 2011/08/24
Cast :
Ishikawa Hideo    Kondou  Takashi

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ƒũƌāƞŝħī-ĸūŋ ŋō Ħōňėŷ dāŷŝ M+CD

1) Fudanshi-kun Naughty BL-Like Experience!
Kouhei Arima is an otaku! After meeting Kazuomi Shiiba, an hair stylist, Arima starts experiencing the BL scenes he's used to reading about!
2) Obligatory Cross-Dressing for Gakuran Boy
Arima Kanata is a boy. Cross-dressing is absolutely not his hobby. However because of his feminine face he often gets mistaken for a girl. What to do when Mimasaka Kyougo, homeroom and PE teacher, suddenly finds something weird in his bag  while he is dressing up as his twin sister?!

Author: Yodogawa Yuo 
Release Date: 26/11/2014
1)Toriumi Kousuke x Suzuki Yuuto
2)Kawahara Yoshihisa x Hanae Natsuki

P.S. Dear Kyo-chan I didn't forget your request..... sorry my dear for making you wait but here I come! Thanks for following me! ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Μάήĸāî Ɖăřŀīňġ M+CD

Takashi works for the local flower shop. The only problem? He has to put up with the manager's (Haruhiko, his boyfriend!) constant sexual harassment. Takashi wants to develop a deeper relationship but he's afraid...

Mangaka: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Konishi Katsuyuki x Kaji Yuki
Sugiyama Noriaki/ Chiba Susumu

P.S. A kind request of reenaxans! Hi dear fan, sorry if I made you wait! Hope you all will like her suggestion!!! I really did!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Ȟǐɱȃ Ńāńōđē Ħāĵīɱɛțɛ Mīɱɑșǔ M+CD

Amano Rintarou has taken care of Nakatsugawa Maki since they were kids. However, when they wento to university together and Rintarou moved in with Maki, Maki find out that the idiot is in reality a perverted idiot!  How will he deal with this new side of Maki? Will he be able to still live with him and continue to take care of Maki now and forever?

Mangaka Sakyo Aya 左京亜也
Release Date: 2013.28.12
 Hatano Wataru × Nojima Hirofumi

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Ŝŧāŷ Ğōŀđ M+CD

After a failed attempted at bleaching his hair and ending up in a fight on the day of the entrance ceremony at his high-school; Ken is already off to a bad start with a bad first impression as nothing more than another delinquent.
Mizuki, Ken's best friend and secret crush, was the only person he met after that not to label him negatively just because of his appearance, but maybe that's because neither Mizuki is just the cute and innocent guy he appears to be.

Mangaka: Miu Ootsuki
Released Date: 2009/12/25
Takeuchi Ken x Yonaga Tsubasa
P.S. Personally I think that the seme shouldn't have a girlier voice than the uke's. It's a waste.... However, I really liked the plot, light and funny, so even if the cast disappointed me a little I decided to start editing this manga. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā M+CD

In the modern day world, there is one who is born as the Maou (demon king) and one who is born as the Yuusha (hero). It's said that the hero has to defeat the demon king in both body and soul before the demon king tries to take over the world, but nowadays who really believes in this stuff?!. Certainly not Mao who just so happens to be the reborn demon king. However, even though he has strange powers which makes other bad-guy type people fall for him, he has no intention of taking over the world.
Mangaka: Yamada Nichoume
Release date: 25/09/2013
(Kamiko) Morikawa Tomoyuki × Okitsu Kazuyuki (Makoto)

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Ŝōŕēđēmð yāŝāŝħī ĸōī ŵō šůŕů M+CD

Side story of Đöüŝħīŧėmð Fūřěŧăĸūňāī. A story about Onoda and Deguchi  building a relationship.

Mangaka_ Yoneda Kou
Release date: 31/10/2014
Deguchi Harumi: Nojima Hirofumi     Onoda Ryo: Morikawa Tomoyuki
Shima Toshiaki: Nojima Kenji          Togawa Yousuke: Ishikawa Hideo

P.S. This is an old request of Senna! Dear, sorry for the long wait! You were asking me for the continuation (After 9/10 hours) of this serie! I hope that, even if after so much time, you'll like it! Love you friends!
P.S2. Hidoku S. will be delivered next week! I thought to use my time editing this old request! Hope you all will enjoy this!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Ĝōŝāń ŋō ĦēāŕŦ M+CD

Miki treats love like a game, playing with and discarding girls on a whim so when he sees Udou earnestly and unsuccessfully trying to reject a tearful love confession, Miki steps in and says, "Udou-kun is with me now." But what starts out as a lark to relieve the boredom of daily life quickly becomes serious ...

Release dates:
 MANGA 2013-04-10  DRAMA 2015-02-25
Mangaka: Ogawa Chise
Hatano Wataru × Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Okitsu Kazuyuki
Shingaki Tarusuke

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Ãïŝōů Ťśūĸāŝħī M+CD

Having been sentenced to 5 years in prison for dealing drugs, yakuza Kyousuke Sawaragi just wants to finish his sentence and start a nice normal life far away from his past. So when he literally runs into former cellmate Shuuya, he's in no hurry to renew their acquaintance. Fate seems to have other ideas though, having the yakuza and Shuuya repeatedly cross paths with him. Can he really turn his back on all of it, especially if it holds out his one chance at finding true love?

Mangaka: Yamada Yugi
Company: Movic
Released: 23/02/2011
                                  Sawaragi: Morikawa Toshiyuki     Kasuga Shuya: Takeuchi Ken
                                                    Izumi: Hino Satoru     Takatsudo: Yusa Kouji

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Śāėżūřū Ŧōŕī ŵā Ħābâŧāĸāňāī M+CD

Yakuza Yashiro, who only ever loved Kageyama, meets a new bodyguard, Doumeki Chikara. Unfortunately, the latter is impotent. The masochistic, lewd and beautiful yakuza Yashiro and his silent, clumsy, impotent subordinate, Doumeki. This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.

Magaka: Yoneda Kou
Release date: 2013-10-23
Shingaki Tarusuke (Yashiro)  Yasumoto Hiroki as (Kageyama)
Ono Yuuki  (Kuga)

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Ẅảṙṵḭ Ýãŧŝū Đėmð īī M+CD #5

Despite their relationship, the delinquent Towa Aikawa is still a "friend" of the Student Council President, Mikado Shirahane. But today, Towa gets to sleep-in at Mikado's house for the very first time! Could their relationship advance into "lovers" now...!? 

Mangaka: Sakuraga Mei
Release date: March, 02, 2012
Company: Motto Entertainment
Takahiro Mizushima (Towa) x Midorikawa Hikaru (Mikado)
Toriumi Kosuke, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Yonaga Ysubasa, Yusa Kouji.

P.S This is a kind request of Ayu-chan! Thank you!!! As you know this is the Vol. 5 of this amazing serie...If you want I don't mind editing the whole artwork...let me know ok????
P.S (2) I'm sorry for the low quality of the images but we have to thank with all our heart this scanlation group for translating it for us... 

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Ķăřė ɉȧ ƞāī ĸėđō M+CD #8

This is the sequel to Koi ja nai kedo. What kind of relationship is there between our main characters? This is also the question of Yukimura Shuji himself. He is wondering what type of relationship he has with Shinonome Ryuichi...

Mangaka: Sakuraga Mei
Release date: 2012年04月25日
Hiyama Nobuyuki × Toriumi Kousuke

P.S. A gentle request from  yadi_chan! Thanks my friend for asking! I haven't read it for a while now, so I liked so much enjoying it again!!! Hope you all can think the same! Shinonome voice is one of the sexiest I've heard!!!! ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Ķüĉħîđžŭĸė ŵā ūšō ňō āĵī M+CD

Satoru is a young business man, a CEO of a major company who has never been in love seriously before. Rushing to work one day he bumps into a stranger, then meets that stranger at a bar he went to with a friend. But is Makio as cute and sweet as he seems? Satoru comes to realize not everything…..

Mangaka: Sagami Waka
 Release date:2014/04/25
 Morikawa Toshiyuki X Okitsu Kazuyuki 
Kawahara Yoshihisa
Koshida Naoki

You can take a look for more info and read here : Fujoshis Bitches