Sunday, February 28, 2016


Ðëãŕ Ğĕňŧĺĕ Ƥāpā M+CD

Kyotarou confided to his friend Haruiko that he is seeing someone. That "special one," turns out to be Nao, a young elementary school boy. Nao's mother died when he was younger and the only person taking care of him is his dad, Hirofumi. Scared that Hirofumi might find out about their relationship, Kyotarou asks Haruhiko to tag along on their outings to disguise the relationship from Hirofumi. Haruhiko reluctantly agrees but what he hadn't expected was to develop feelings for Nao's father.

Mangaka: Yamato Nase
Released: 2003/4/26
Pairings: (seme x uke)
  (Itou Kentarou x Nojima Kenji)
  (Takahashi Hiroki x Miyata Kouki)

P.S. Dear friends, I'm glad to introduce you a new friend editor! Her name is Cold Blood! She contacted me days ago, asking if I could share projects edited by her! This is her first one, but I think she is doing great! A lot better than me when I started..... So thanks  for your effort! And thanks to you I could enjoy this manga! Kisses!

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Ķĭmĭ ňō Ŧŝūĸū Ũŝō ŧō Ħōňŧōū M+CD

As a university student, Kuze secretly had feelings for the law lecturer, Kitahara-san. However, knowing his professor was married, Kuze sealed away those emotions. Now, seven years later, Kuze finds himself working as Kitahara’s assistant because of a bizarre coincidence. What’s more, Kitahara is no longer wearing his wedding ring.... Can Kuze revive his feelings and reach out for happiness?

Mangaka:  Ajimine Sakufu

 Miyake Kenta × Kishio Daisuke
Nojima Hirofumi