Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Ɓōĸū ŵā ĸĩmĩ ŋō ŧōřĭ ŋĭ ŋāŕīŧāī M+CD

At 15 years old, Kei's never been in love, but he has sex with anyone who shows him interest. While he's in someone else's arms, he can forget the void in his own life. One day in late spring, Koyama discovers what's missing: a slightly spacey med-student named Fujii. Unfortunately, Fujii is his sister's boyfriend.
 Mangaka: Homerun Ken
Release date:  2006-02-24
Fujii: Hatano Wataru
Koyama Kei: Suzumura Kenichi
Koyama Moe: Mizuhashi Kaori
Akatsuka Rintarou: Itou Kentarou

P.S. A kind request of +Shayla Casado Fuertes  dear, thanks for supporting me during these years...! This blog has the big luck and honour of having new people here everyday, but there is a group of people always always here and never gone away, people who really understand what I mean and feel! You are also a reason for me of even thinking about doing more and better!
Just enjoy this request of yours! Kisses!

P.S. 2 Thanks for everything you do for us yaoi manga lovers... without skilled people like you that use their free time mananging new projects just to let us enjoy them, people like me wouldn't have a reason and possibility for editing!
So thanks to your hobby I can have mine, soooooo enjoy our hobbies together ne??!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Ķõħĩŧšūjî Ħõĸāĸû Ķěīĸāĸû M+CD #2 [GAME TIME!]

 .... An hello from +Cold Blood I'm still trying to be public and getting out from my shell.. so i really wanna give u all my thanks for all the love, the like and the smile... as we are sharing the same love for this lovely genre, all of u here has kept me from getting enough sleep these days cz u kept me going for the editing process.. (not that i ever complain)  ^^ ...  
...[you better not to, dear! Your beloved senpai's speaking ahahah]...
Now... I wanna break some news for u.. I'm already sharing with u my 100th vids since I'm here... (its a total celebration for me... ^^) and Roby and I made up some game over here.. my 100th video is somewhere in this playlist (kohitsuji cd2) and whoever can guess the right one, he/she can request me a project (manga+drama cd) and I will fulfill it..

Keep following these couples.... from Kaede point of view aahahhaha 

Mangaka: Minami Haruka
Release date: 31/08/2007
Miyata Kouki  Morikawa Toshiyuki
Fukushima Jun  Okiayu Ryoutarou
Fukui Shinsuke  Tachibana Shinnosuke
Shimozaki Hiroshi

P.S. So... just to riepilogate, +Cold Blood  arrived to the important step of 100 videos edited... The 100° is one of this project.... just try to guess which one and comment down here, the first who find the right one will have his/her favourite manga edited from her....! 
I guess I can't partecipate, coz I know the answer, right?!?!?!?  Tsk, I know perfectly  which manga I'd ask to you.... 
Ok... ready??? I'm curious to know who will be the winner!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Õŵāŗāŋāĩ Fũĸōũ ňī ŧsūīţė ŋō ħáŋâśħī M+CD

Udou's big brother story! (sequel of Ĝōŝāń ŋō ĦēāŕŦ M+CD)
One day, at the party Takayuki attends, he meets Kiyotake - his old classmate from high school 8 years ago. Kiyotake’s girlfriend in high school was stolen by Takayuki. What will happen when the two meet? What will happen when one of them is drunk? Will Takayuki painful feelings of unrequited love come to an end or will there be a happy ending?

Mangaka: Ogawa Chise
Release date: 2016 04 22
Shingaki Tarusuke × Okitsu Kazuyuki
 Hatano Wataru × Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

P.S. I didn't planned to release today coz I was working on Koakuma.... but then I realized an important fan, one of those who follow me since the beginning is born today .....X years ago.... 
Dear Kazuaki b.
gomen this is an incomplete gift but what do they say???
Ah yeah ....
I know this is your fav. manga....
and here you are 
PRESENTO.... just in time... I have still 20 minutes till midnight...
Thanks for everyhting you do for me!

P.S.2. You can go directly on the new part (3), but I thought on doing the new playlist!!!! Hope you like it!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Ķõħĩŧšūjî Ħõĸāĸû Ķěīĸāĸû M+CD #1

Katsutaka and Kazuomi are seniors with a secret hobby: they love watching a pair of younger boys making love. Katsutaka and Kazuomi have fallen completely in love with Yuki and Kaede, and vow to capture them once they enter high school. That awaited day has finally arrived, but will the two seniors be able to reach their goal? And are Kaede and Yuki really who the seniors imagined them to be? 

Mangaka: Minami Haruka
Release date: 31/08/2007
Miyata Kouki  Morikawa Toshiyuki
Fukushima Jun  Okiayu Ryoutarou
Fukui Shinsuke  Tachibana Shinnosuke
Shimozaki Hiroshi

P.S. Isn't +Cold Blood  amazing! Girl you're sugoi ne?? Thanks to you we're going to enjoy another sexy serie.... This is CD 1, she is so good that when she decides to edit a project, she starts and stop only when the whole thing is completely edited.... For me you're an example! You're not moody like me!!! Gomen!!!!
I'm sure that when I say "I like you" all the supporters are thinking the same!

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Ŀōvė Mōđē M+CD #6

A younger and more naive Aoe escaping his familial responsibilities in the countryside of England - sharing a simple bed-and-breakfast home with Takamiya and Shiki. While he can't deny his feelings for the happy-go-lucky Shiki, he still can't shrug off his duties to his family. Then, an unexpected event will rock his world forever.

                     Mangaka: Yuki Shimizu
Released: 2005/02/28
Yanada Kiyoyuki x Yoshimizu Takahiro 
Fujiwara Keiji x Kikuchi Masami 

P.S. Dear +Cold Blood  thanks to your efforts, time and skills; I think this is the first time this blog see a complete serie!!!
So, Omedetou and Arigatou gozaimasu

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Kðàĸūmã ŋō Ŝāňĉŧũāřƴ M+CD

Story 1:
Reiji has never forgotten Kagami, the man who cruelly dumped him 10 years ago. Now, they unexpectedly meet again! This time Reiji intends to give Kagami a taste of his own medicine... or will he?
Story 2:
Luciano met the president of a cosmetic company, Munakata, during a party and was offered to become the exclusive model for their new male product line on the spot! However, was there a string attached to Munakata's generous offer to Luciano? Or did he simply want to get up close and personal with his new model!?

Author: Igoh Ruh
Released Date: 2008/02/25
ll Pairing ll
Hanawa Eiji × Kamiya Hiroshi
Okawa Tooru × Touchika Kouichi