Sunday, July 31, 2016


Ŧħřēĕ Ŵōĺves ɱȯʊɳʈɑɪɲ M+CD

A tale of two brothers who travel far and wide end up lodging with a cafe owner. We learn of the strange things that go 'bump' in the night in a cemetary as well as the love that binds individuals together.
 Mangaka:  Naono Bohra
Release date: 28.04.2010
 Tsukihara Jirou: Chihiro Suzuki
Susugi: Hikaru Midorikawa
Tsukihara Tarou: Taiten Kusunoki

 P.S. This is a kind request of Mareeda! Dear thanks alot for making this suggestion! Personally I'm not a big fan of Naono Bohra, coz according to me her art is alittle bit messy! But it's sexy sooo why not ginving her a try?!??! I think +Cold Blood  enjoyed doing this project for you and for everyone else like the genre (supernatural) and the mangaka! So the we can consider one of your requests done and complete!!!! Enjoy!!!!
P.S. 2 Actually, when I started doing my projects I wanted to enjoy listening all the seyuus in both different roles... you know of which kind of roles I'm talking about right???!!?!?!
But now... I think I've accomplished this objective.... I made a new purpose! One collection, for being called this way, need an example of every mangaka around! So, due the fact that here you can really enjoy your fav, seyuu in a lot of mangas.... I will concentrate on mangaka that aren't here (within this blog) yet!
This project, for example, can make me add Naono Bohra into the collection, and without your request and Cold Blood editing I couldn't have done it!
Thank you!
Enjoy the video!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Ƈăƒě Ĺāŧŧē ŘħāƥŝōƋƴ M+CD


About two guys who have a very "scary" meeting at a bookstore. Serizawa is your usual nice young man working at a bookstore, when one day he chances upon a strange customer. Immensely tall and intense-eyed, this stranger is a shock for Seri at first sight. That is, until upon further observation, Seri realises that the tall stranger is in reality, a painfully shy and gentle young man named Keito. As the two youths meet more and more often in the bookstore, they begin an earnest and sweet friendship.  

Mangaka:  Kawai Touko
Publisher:- Libre
Release Date: 12/2008
Cast :
Tsuda McLeod Keito: Hatano Wataru (seme)
Serizawa Hajime: Suzumura Kenichi (uke)
Shiraishi: Konishi Katsuyuki

P.S. To +Mafalda Modesto I don't know if you will read this! I truly hope you'll enjoy the project that brings me back in time! I could add years!!!! Ok it's not like I'm feeling old right now... (maybe a little bit! XD). Thank you +Cold Blood for this!!! I mean the manga not that you're making me feel like an old lady ahaahah
And I didn't know this was such a long one! Hehe hope you're going to excuse myself for a little... just the time for enjoying the whole thing!!!!

P.S. 2 Guys thanks for all your messagge about dead links, it's due the strikes on Youtube of the other day! I'll fix the Puchitto H. project as fast as I can! I'll tell you when it will be avaible again!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Ŝāīħāŧě ŋō ĸīϻǐ ė M+CD

[from MANGAGO] 
Ryou and his older brother, Masaya, live under the Takatou family. Sixteen years ago, their parents died in an accident, and since then, the brothers lived with their distant relatives, the Takatou family. As a child, Ryou grew up as the friend of the Takatou heir, Takatou Akihito. But when Ryou discovers a secret,his brother's life is on the line, and instead of being Akihito's friend, Ryou is now his slave. How will Ryou save both his brother and himself from the family that has cared for them for so long?

Mangaka: Minami Haruka
Release date: 01/25/2007
  Kishio Daisuke   -  Kamiya Hiroshi
 Matsuyama Takashi -  Toriumi Kousuke

P.S. Another great update of +Cold Blood  ok ok! I totally understood you love Minami Haruka huh???? Well, how to say no...??!??! She is quite sexy and slutty... and everytime I see one of her mangas... well it's like moans are assured!!!! Aahahahaha!
Thanks for letting me see this! I didn't know this manga had a dramaCD!
Time to enjoy....the NOSEBLEED DAY!

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Ķōi ɉȧ ƞāī ĸėđō M+CD #4

Ever since he had sex with his childhood friend Shinonome,  Yukimura felt he was caught in a whirlwind. He found himself invaded by Shinonome in his own bedroom, in the library, everywhere! Out of desperation, he found his only defense was to treat Shinonome coldly so he could keep his sanity intact. However, it only pushed Shinonome to go to the extreme! Will the stubborn Yukimura come to terms with his feelings?   

Author: Sakuraga Mei
Release Date : 2013-02-18
Hiyama Nobuyuki x Toriumi Kousuke
Midorikawa Hikaru x Mizushima Takahiro

P.S. Thanks thanks thanks! Loving them since the first time I met them!!!  
P.S. 2 I will change the release date so I'll be able to put the right order for the volumes within the blog whenever you decide to enjoy the Warui Serie. I'll do it in a slow down period!