Sunday, August 21, 2016


I. D. M+CD

The unsuspected newbie of the Police Investigation Division One, Detective Hinari was dispatched to deliver a sample to the forensic lab. There he encountered researcher, Yasoshima Shiro, who reminded Hinari of his first love, a gentle police captain. Immediately smitten at first sight, Yasoshima lured Hinari with a DNA lecture and preyed on the still innocent Hinari! As much as Hinari hated to admit it, he wasn't entirely unaffected by Yasoshima.
Will Hinari be able to resist the quirky scientist!? A delicate yet comical love story!

Mangaka: Kanbe Akira
Release date: 02/25/2010
Yusa Kouji
Terashima Takuma
Kusunoki Taiten

P.S. A kind  request of Luciani! Thank you for always supporting around here! I wish you to know that I'm pretty happy to edit this one! With this you gave me enthusiams coz I've always wanted to do something of this mangaka, her art amazes me eveytime I read her mangas.... I wish more of hers would get a dramaCD coz some stories truly deserve that!
Thank you and enjoy!
P.S. 2 Happy Sunday to you all, see ya at the next weekend! Kisses!!!


Śáá Ƙȯi ṅí Ŏċhíẗǎḿȧẽ M+CD #3

Wazzup guys..!!

Who's having a perfect Sunday...? I know I am..!! Laying in my bed doing nothing but streaming and eating..  Today was supposed to be the resting day for everyone, so I hope u guys r having a great day too.!! Ja.. I would like to add a little of sweetness into ur days today.. Hope u like it..!!   ^^

            VOL. 3
Noboru is starting to really accept Yuuki into his heart, but somehow his little brothers are still waiting and asking for their SISTER-IN-LAW...?  How would Noboru deal with that after his relationship with Yuuki are starting to get better and... BETTER..?  Can he bear to hurt Yuuki's feeling again...? or all little brothers of his..?  But somehow, Kazushi-senpai is helping him to decide...?     Enjoy the vids...!!!  (I know that someone is waiting for the sweet of this couple since last weeks, thanks for ur patience...   ^^  )

Mangaka : Yamato Nase
Cast : Kishio Daiuke x Suwabe Junichi

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Ŝǻȁ Ḱőì ṅï ⍥ĉḧĩȶäṁāē M+CD #2

                                                         Hajimemashite!! Cold Blood here..!

I hope everyone is having a nice day (even though its summer  ^^ )... Well my day today start with an exciting feeling to enjoy our nosebleed day today.. but Roby surprised me by making me a part of this awesomeness, not that I wanna complain... I'm just stunned.. Even my hands r shaking...  ahahha    Now.. this gonna my very first time writing a post directly to everyone.. so please go easy on me and enjoy the vids thats been waiting for y'all..  

VOL. 2

Yuuki keeps chasing and Noboru keeps avoiding, but he doesnt hate all the kiss given.. ^^
But Noboru's family situation becomes a bit hard for them so he decides to have a part time job to find some money...

While he needs to work... while Yuuki keeps him as his main priority... while the two of them r fighting.. again.... while Kazushi-senpai keeps interfering... and while the twin keeps being cute... hihiihi 

Will Noboru really surrender himself to Yuuki..?

Mangaka : Yamato Nase
Cast : Kishio Daisuke x Suwabe Junichi

ps : Thanks Roby for having to bear with me learning on how to did this one...   ^^

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Ŝãã ĸōī ŋī ŌĉħĩȾȃɱȃȇ M+CD

Noboru seems to have rotten luck at school when it comes to girls, because they all have eyes for only Yuuki – the resident Prince Charming. Tall, dark, rich and handsome Yuuki seems to be the exact opposite of the poor, short and not very manly, Noboru. Because Noboru is from a poor family, he had to work extra hard just to get into this prestigious Seihou Academy – which is mainly reserved for the rich and elites of the society....

Mangaka: Yamato Nase
Release date: 25/03/2010
Kishio Daisuke x Suwabe Junichi