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Cħĩĩśāňā ĸōī ňō Mëĺōđŷ M+CD

Childhood friends Eiji and Tatsumi are just friends who have been always together. One day, Eiji, who found out about Tatsumi’s “promise of marriage” to someone else since young, began having complicated thoughts… The spring time of life of adolescents boys.

Mangaka: Shimaji
Release: 2011/03/25
★~Pairing ~★
  Mizushima / Yoshino

P.S. Hellooooo! Did u miss me!?! Well... tell me the truth.... u didnt even noticed I was offline for the whole week and a lil more right?!?! Ahahah I will try to avoid to my hurt feelings consoling myself (pathetic right?!) thinking that it may be thanks to +Cold Blood Kissy ... she made possible to dont make u aware I was not here.... yeah.... it's this the case...!!!! XD
Well... in short... I stepped on my PC (long story, dont ask me how could I do it.... coz I dont know myself), and I simply had the time to hear a CRACK coming from it.... I closed my eyes taking deep breaths and hoping it was a bad dream... BUT... when I opened my eyes the PC was still there.... under my feet... The glass part was completely broke... so after a not human scream...and my mom is still laughing at me.... 
I had to wait till it got repaired... I used a borrowed PC tho.... my dad's one, so I could contact someone and reply to mails. and use Tumblr a bit. It was a wonderful way to start 2017 right?!?!?! 
I dont know if u remember but I think I repeat this thing since I have spent new years here with u, here in my country we use to do only pleasant things on the first day of the year, so they say, u will do this thing all the year along! ... I simply... didnt edit, didnt read a single page of manga, didnt watch any movie or drama, no anime.... 
I focused on real life of course spendin my day with my best people but ... as a videomaker, blogger or simply yaoi reader/fan... this year may be not so good ahahahh! I will fight against customs and belief and I will fill myself with alot of yaoi sweetness! 
A waste, more coz I was off from work due the New Year celebrations... well.. not everything lost anyway... the impossibility of log-in in social networks (Tumblr aside) gave me the chance to work on requests! With +Cold Blood Kissy  we discussed about things to do and projects we want to have here! I uploaded her future list, and u can look at the apposite section of the blog (THINGS TO DO). She basically ended all her works (wow, I feel very depressed and useless right now....!)  and started to look around, thanks to new suggestions made by you and something she was curious about, she decided what will be next for her! She will help with some of my requestes too, I plan on reducing them for once soooooo, thank u for the patience!!!!

 P.S 2.: How to define this request if not PREHISTORIC?!?!? Yeah, basically I think this is the one of my firsts requests I received right after starting... first people (Ayu first) who  gave me credit and something not decided by me... Well.... for those who are here since long or watch these stuff about drama CD, should remember that this project was already started by +Mafalda Modesto  (Mafy), in 2013???!!? Something like that.... dont ever think what u are thinking right now... I know! but at that time only first chapter was avaible in English, so I didnt wanted to something she was already doing I and simply put this idea on hold... When Mafy told me she didnt plan to start this in the near future, well I thought about respecting people who asked me and to who I replied a yes, trying to edit what they asked as soon as I could....  The first video (part 1) is, indeed, not edited by me.... I think we can call this project as a joint?!??! (Using appropriate words, sound so professional!) Yup, I will continue this project from where Mafy left, if I remember correct this is the third time I end something started by someone else, probably.... Ƙɵņñã Õţōķo ŵă Åìŝáŗĕŗü M+CD and  Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō ĂšōƄĭĸăŧă M+CD (#1)!

P.S. 3. ....I forgot what I wanted to do.... I will add when it will come into my mind again... (damn coming age....)!

P.S.4 Ouh, now remembered... I want to thanks Ayu and Charlie for making me review this lil gem! Yup it's an old manga... I've read it few times during these years but I have to admit I discovered now while editing it so many new things I didnt notice before! I truly enjoy "childhood friends love's story" so I like this manga! the fluffyness makes the rest! In Mangago this is marked as an ongoin but all tracks are avaible now, so I can assure u we will see an end!
Enjoy the video!

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