Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Ûđāĝāŵāĉħōū đē ΜάϮϮεϮε уѳ M+CD

While walking around the streets, Momose stumbled upon his classmate cross-dressing as a girl. Ever since then, he couldn’t help but to take notice of him in school… 

💟 Author:  Hideyoshico
💟Released: August 28, 2013 
💟 Cast:
                                                         Hatano Wataru x Ono Yuuki

So... should I start saying I had this awesome news since a while now... but I was waiting till this girl was ready to share this awesome project with me..ehm... cough cough with all of us!
I think u all remember Marinela = alias kabbi, she was one of those vdeomaker who used this blog to share projects they love... And when I received her email where she wrote she was working on something I would have loved ... leaving me in a bit (just a bit) of suspance... well... I was literally jumping on my chair in my room! My mom loves me already so she try to not notice how strange I can be sometimes... her love for me is stronger ahahhaha anyway.... I have to confess I've never finished to read this story... if u aske me the reason... I dont know what to answer.... And listening the drama makes it good so why I've never finished!???! Mah.... About this, I was excited for 3 reasons
💥 It was so long since I exchanged advices and suggestions with u +marinela solar  that the surprise make it woderful for me!
💥 This managaka is missed here so a total new.... and u know how excited I am everytime I face something new!
💥 This blog never hosted a crossdresser theme story... so it's a news even under this aspect too!
Thanks for the help for managing all of this! It's not easy but I can do it with all these hands! And I never say no to helper soooooo! Arigatou my great girls!
Then credits are in the video description, videomaker, free lines translations and scans... Hope u will enjoy this as much as I did... Sorry I couldnt wait and helped myself watching this....

P.S. 2  Blogger introduced emoji/special characters .... so let's leave my creativity free to go wild with them ahahhha


  1. is this yaoi? I think i saw this at Mangareaders. Is is the same as the other mangareader, I find this site a lot friendlier to use. Will try to read this later.

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  3. hi guys, yes Alodia Minami i saw it the Mangareaders and its has a wide variety of manga and yaoi. Nice story